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K9-Ninja  Handler-Eric Peterson

Certified HRD


K9-Jet  Handler-Sandra Vernlund

Certified HRD

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K9-Dooley  Handler-Sandra Vernlund   Certified Tracking


About Us

Sandy Vernlund - NASAR SAR TECH II and MLPI, AFRCC SMC Graduate, Ground Pounder Instructor, Certified CERT Instructor, Member of NAPWDA, and Canine Search Solutions (CSS). NASAR Hug-a-Tree Presenter. Jet - Belgian Shepherd passed US Border Patrol Area Search Evaluation June, 2015. AKC CGC. Certified Human Remains Detection NAPWDA '16, '18, '19, '21. Dooley - Treeing Walker Coonhound. AKC CGC. Certified in tracking NAPWDA '16, '18, '19, '21.. Rowdy - Retired. Passed away January, 2021. AKC CGC and certified for Human Remains Detection NASDN '10, NAPWDA '10, '11, '12, '13, '14, '15, '16, '17, '18 and NASAR HRD Land III, '11. Shadow - Passed away May, 2017. AKC CGC, Certified Trailing NAPWDA '06. Certified Building Search NAPWDA '06 and '14. Certified for Area Search Non-Scent Discrimination with NASAR Canine SARTECH II '07, NAPWDA 06,'07,'08, '09,'10, '11, '12, '13, '14, and NASDN '07. Passed US Border Patrol Area Search Evaluation June, 2015. Certified for Cadaver Detection NASDN '10. Bodasafa - Passed away Spring 2015. AKC CGC and certified for Tracking and Trailing with NAPWDA '07,'08,'09,'10, '12, '13, '14 and Basic Mantrailing with NASDN '08. Complete SAR resume or CV available upon request.


Eric Peterson - NASAR SAR TECH II. Ground Pounder Instructor. AFRCC SMC Graduate. Member of NAPWDA, NASAR and Canine Search Solutions (CSS). Eric has two dogs. Ninja - AKC CGC. Purebred Dutch Shepherd. Certified in Human Remains Detection NAPWDA '16 and '17. Certified NNDDA '18. Eve - Deceased. AKC CGC and certified for Basic Mantrailing with NASDN '09, '11, NAPWDA Tracking and Trailing '11 and Cadaver Detection NAPWDA '13 and '14. Emmett - Passed away Spring 2015. AKC CGC and certified for Area Search with NASDN '11 and NAPWDA '11, '12', '13, '14. Building Search NAPWDA '14. Complete SAR resume or CV available upon request.


Jack McComas - Jack has one dog. Axle - German Shepherd Area Search certified with NAPWDA May, '18, '19, '21..


Becky Eggebrecht - NASAR SAR TECH II. Becky has one dog. Cyrus - Belgian Tervuren. AKC CGC. Certified Area Search NAPWDA, June 2016. Cyrus temporarily removed from working SAR in April 2018.

Associate Members

Individual K9 teams become Associate Members of Brookings County K9 Search and Rescue by invitation only. Associate Members are nominated and approved by BCK9SAR officers only.

Amanda Jackson - Yankton County Search and Rescue. K9 Chief - NAPWDA certified Human Remains Detection,  2019 and 2021. K9 Stella - NAPWDA certified HRD, 2021. 

Tiana Shuster - Rapid City, SD. K9 Tango - NAPWDA certified Tracking,  2019 and 2021.  K9 Whiskey - NAPWDA certified HRD, 2021. 

K9-Axle  Handler-Jack McComas  Certified Area Search